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 links to gem identification instruments and books click HERE   and HERE-2 gemstone education-Teach me pretty rock,   Gemstone-Information-wikipedia- Type in stone type(Ruby, etc) in the search box. very informative.

Mghammell(Facetnating Gemstones) is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry profesional. Gemstones are a sound investment like art or gold and rarely if ever loose value.
(wont go away like a 401K) Buy with confidence from a true gemstone professional.

There are more than 600 other items besides those pictured here. click on  EBAY STORE HOME   below or choose a catagory.
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                               Below are ebay store Catagories Q-Z                                                          Below are some example items(More on this site-A-Z pages)


    Rough,Uncut,Facet,Cabbing (94)                                    Rosasite (4)

    RUBY, CORUNDUM (12)           Star Ruby (4)                                        SERAPHINITE CLINOCHLORE,Cushion cab,29.75ct,SE-A15B,31x17x6mm

    SAPPHIRE (52)                          Bi-color,Multi-color (8)                             Sapphire,Golden-Yellow,oval,1.59ct,7.3x6.3x3.8mm,SA-C12,

    Blue Sapphire (10)                                    Green Sapphire (5)                                         Sapphire bicolor green-yellow oval,9.2x7x3.8mm,2.58ct,SA-A32

    Orange Sapphire (6)                                 Redish, rasberry Sapphire (2)                          TANZANITE blue-purple cab tanzania,4.91ct,TZ-A60,11.0x8.5x5.5mm.

    Padpardscha Sapphire(3)                         Pink Sapphire(10)                                                        

    Rough,Specimen,Crystal (5)                    Starr Sapphire (2)                                            Blue-Sapphire Kyanite,(2)37x15x7m,78.47ct,KY-A48K

    Yellow, Golden Sapphire (8)     Trapiche, Unusual, Specimen Sapphire (2)        Zircon imperial orange marquis,10.3x5.5x3.5mm,2.00ct,ZI-A62,natural crystal

    Shiva-Lingham-stone (5)                        SERAPHINITE (3)                                           Multi color Tourmaline rough-crystal specimen,136.53c,TO-A34A,(50)6-12x4-8x3-5mm

                                                                                    Sphene/Titanite (3)                                           SPINEL,MULTI-COLOR,FACET ROUGH, 22.01ct,3-7mm,SP-A77D,natural earth born

    Spinel (11)                                              Sunstone,oligoclase (2)                                                              

    Synthetic,Doublets, Imitation (3)                                                                    Click on ORANGE links for Catagories or Stone Types --Click on Photos to ENLARGE them.

    Tanzanite (13)                                       Tanzurine (4)                                                                


    Tsavorite (3)                                         TOPAZ-ALL, Imperial, Mystic, Blue (11)                                                              

    Tourmaline (26)                                    Turquoise (4)       

    Unakite (2)                                           Vanadinite (3)                                                                

    Wavellite (1)                                         Zeusite (12)                                                              

    Zircon (4)                                           Zoisite/saualpite (2)                                          

    LOTS Gemstone (21)                           Stamps-worldwide (3)                             

    ODD,WEIRD,MISC-STUFF (7) (34)                                                                         GEMS,  Home, A-B  Fossils, Jewelry, Amethyst-Beryl          Calcedony-Pyrite 

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