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 links to gem identification instruments and books click HERE   and HERE-2 gemstone education-Teach me pretty rock,   Gemstone-Information-wikipedia- Type in stone type(Ruby, etc) in the search box. very informative.

Mghammell(Facetnating Gemstones) is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry profesional. Gemstones are a sound investment like art or gold and rarely if ever loose value.
(wont go away like a 401K) Buy with confidence from a true gemstone professional.

There are more than 600 other items besides those pictured here. click on  EBAY STORE HOME   below or choose a catagory.
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                              Below are ebay store Catagories C-P                                                           Below are some example items(More on this site-A-Z pages)

    Calcedony,Mtorolite-Chrome cal (7)        Calcite (2)                                            OLIVINE PERIDOT GEMSTONE rough-Specimen(1pc)19x13x7mm,18.69ct,PE-B10B

    Charoite (2)                                               Cats Eye,Star,Phenomenal (3)                       PEACOCK ORE CHALCOPYRITE rough specimen(3pc)PY-A25E, 581.17ct,4.10oz

    Clinochlore (3)                                          Clinohumite (1)                                             EMERALD oval brazilian,12.3X8.3x6.1mm(1)4.60ct,BE-A43,from natural earth crystal

    Coral (13)                                                 Chrysocolla (4)                                               Green Beryl - Crystal specimen, Facet/Cab,45.59ct,29x19x14mm,BE-B57B,natural

    Diopside/Chrome diopside (3)                                                                                                           Emerald,Crystal,Slice Rough specimen,22x21x4mm(1pc)19.86ct,BE-B51,natural

    Emerald (9)                                                                                                                             Green PREHNITE Botryoidal rough specimen cabbing,184.27ct,PR-A33

    Fire Opal (26)                                           Flourite (7)                                                      Pietersite-Quartz,Chinese blu-GRAY-cabochon, 56.1ct, 32 x 23 x 7mm,QU-b91

    Fulgurites,Petrified Lightning (3)                                                                                                      Hessonite Garnet rough,25.23x14.53x14.0mm,43.45ct,GH-A05,natural crystal

    GARNET (24)                                                                                                                            Imperial-Pink Zircon oval,6x4.7x4mm,1.12ct,ZI-A56,cut natural crystal rough

    Grossular (3)                                           Hessonite (2)                                                    Blue-Sapphire with Kyanite-inclusions,(2)37x15x7m,78.47ct,KY-A48K

    Rhodolite (9)                                           Spessartine/spessartite (9)                                 Multi color Tourmaline rough-crystal specimen,136.53c,TO-A34A,(50)6-12x4-8mm

    Tsavorite (2)                                           Gypsum (14)                                     Click on ORANGE links for Catagories or Stone Types --Click on Photos to ENLARGE them.

    Iolite (7)                                                 Jadeite (12)                                                              

    Kunzite, Spodumene (3)                        Kyanite (15)                                          

    Labradorite (14)                                      Malachite (7)                                                                

    Morganite (6)                                        Obsidian (6)                                                              

    onyx (0)                                                 Opal, (29)        Boulder Opal            Cats Eye Opal              Yellow/Pink opal           Fairy Opal         

    Pearls, Coral (6)                                    Peridot (15)                                                                

    Petalite (0)                                            Petrified Wood, Limb Cast (4)                                                              

    pietersite (3)                                         PREHNITE (7)                                          

    Pyrite (38)                                            ODD,WEIRD, Misc stuff           GEMS,  Home, A-B  Fossils, Jewelry, Amethyst-Beryl          Quartz-Zircon 

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